Instantly get everything I make, and then some.
Get all the new music I release, plus bonus items from my back-catalog, supporter-only specials, and access to supporter-exclusive messages.
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When you get the Collapsing Fan Pass you not only help the artist but you also get a full catalog of music. This includes exclusive songs and albums made for Pass members.

All money that is made that's not going to the stores I'm paying will be going to Art, Features, New music gear, Etc.
--$5 a month gets you the following.--
-Exclusive Songs.
-Early Singles before anyone else.
-Exclusive Album/EP art
-Extra songs on new albums/EPs only pass members will get.
-20% off future physical items that will be sold.
-Future Albums/EPs will be sent to you FREE as soon as they come out.
Why did you start a subscription?
Well just about everything so far that helps me make the music has been out of my own money from sales. Every Album/EP that I want to put in stores cost $50 each to a fee I have to keep paying so they stay up. Everything ends up back into the music so when the next peace of work is out it will be better then the last.

-All members will be credited in future work in helping build future music.-
To sum it up...
You help me & you get a bunch of cool free stuff.

Here’s what you get:

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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Get all the new music they release, plus bonus items from their back-catalog, subscriber-only specials, and access to subscriber-exclusive messages.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you from all of us at UnderDark. We appreciate the support and Hope you enjoy the music and what has yet to come.

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